Profit from trend-setting robot technology

Modern robot automation technologies improve efficiency and performance in production and product flow.

Palletizing robot  Palletizing robot

Our robotics solutions for handling, palletizing and de-palletizing are highly efficient and easy to maintain.

Special attention is paid to optimizing our human-machine-interfaces. We develop special solutions for automatic stacking, picking and individual combination of transportation units, be it boxes, trolleys or pallets.

The warehouse employees is assisted and supported by his ?colleague?, the robot. The machine makes a great contribution to improving the employee´s working conditions. The robots carry out physically demanding jobs, while employees can concentrate on those activities where fine motor sensitivity is important.
Some functions robots carry out:

  •     Handling
  •     Palletizing
  •     De-palletizing
  •     Assembly processes
  •     Production processes

Work areas robots are used in:

  •     Special machinery
  •     Machine tools
  •     Assembly lines
  •     Palletizing solutions
  •     Plant Automation
  •     Baggage handling at airports

With our solution for automatic baggage handling (patent pending) airports can improve processes, cut costs and relieve employees who handle heavy baggage pieces.
Benefits of robot automation:

  •     Optimizing work cycle times
  •     High availability with a maximum of flexibility
  •     Integrated process control
  •     Continuous material flow
  •     Minimizing work´s nonproductive time
  •     Higher product quality
  •     Turnkey systems with 24/7 production times
  •     Simple integration into your overall system
  •     Robot cells for automating processing centers and machine tools